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GEN Daily and GEN Weekly Pulse are the industry’s go-to eNewsletters for the latest breaking news, actionable information, and critical insights impacting the life sciences. GEN Daily, delivered Monday through Friday, provides critical news the industry needs to know alongside a new targeted Tech Exclusive section focusing on each of GEN’s core editorial pillars once every week: Cancer (Monday), Drug Discovery (Tuesday), Bioprocessing (Wednesday), Genome Editing (Thursday), and Translational Medicine (Friday). GEN Weekly Pulse, delivered on Saturday, provides new, original analysis of how the week in biotech will impact productivity and the future of the industry.

GEN Daily and GEN Weekly Pulse Deliver:

  • Total readership of more than 180,000
  • Six consecutive issues per week provide unparalleled opportunity for branding and awareness
  • Tech Exclusive feature positions your ad and sponsored content within topic-focused sections aligned with your brand and delivered to additional targeted readership
  • Extended pass-along exposure with high referral and forward rates
  • Fully optimized, industry-standard banner ad positions with takeover potential to squeeze out your competitors
  • Drive qualified traffic to your site by promoting your own articles, white papers, app notes, and educational content alongside our trusted editorial content
  • Opportunity to test multiple creatives
  • Performance reporting to effectively measure ROI

Frequency Matters

80% of GEN readers ingest life science news daily

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Your ad is seen everyday by 180,000 GEN Highlights readers.

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