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Our exclusive community of powerful, influential industry leaders looks to GEN to guide their purchasing decisions. Proven reader engagement across all of the products in our portfolio lends immediate and measurable authenticity and credibility to your brand, product, or service. Our engaged readers are your engaged customers.

Top Technologies

  • Molecular Biology

  • Monoclonal Antibodies

  • Biomarkers

  • Cancer Research Technologies

  • Microscopy

  • Cell/Tissue Culture

  • Molecular Diagnostics

  • Mass Spectrometry/LCMS

  • PCR

  • Analytical/Medical Chemistry

  • Cell-Based Technologies

  • Assay Development

  • Immunology

  • Gene Expression

  • Software/lnformatics/Computational Biology

  • Next Gen Sequencing

  • Bioreactors and Fermentation

  • Continuous Bioprocessing

  • Single-Use Systems

  • Large Scale Purification

  • Upstream Bioprocessing

  • Downstream Bioprocessing

  • Filtration

Audience Breakdown

Magazine Website Newsletters
Total Audience 65,000 230,000 180,000
North America 75.1% 62.0% 70.6%
U.K & Europe 17.0% 17.0% 17.1%
ROW 7.9% 21.0% 12.3%


Job Function

Unlike any other media brand in the space, GEN offers extended reach into a market-leading portfolio of peer-reviewed journals in biotechnology and life sciences, opening up new avenues for campaign reach and success.

Readership: 18,500

Readership: 15,000

Readership: 28,000

Readership: 27,500

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GEN is the only life sciences media brand utilizing cutting-edge data science technology to precision-target your prospects

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